I loved the documentation daily on Dad’s care!! Loved his daily care aid and nurse- excellent care by both of them!!


I am so thrilled at the care we received under your hospice company. First I need to tell you that I have not been real happy with any hospice since the death of my mom 6 years ago.  I thought this is the way all hospices were and I wanted no part of it.

THEN, Doctors hospice came. From day one when the owners stepped off their ambulance transfer, I felt this may be different. The owners, bringing the patient home? I was impressed. Then we got a nurse named Irene. What a joy. She sure knows what she is doing. You guys are amazing. Tina also is wonderful and very helpful on the phone. She knew my voice before I said my name. I love you all. I will recommend Doctors hospice to everyone who needs hospice care. 

This was my first experience with a Hospice team and I am thankful to say that it was a great one!