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Hospice is always an option

Many times patients and families mention they "wish they had called hospice sooner.” Sometimes this isn’t an option. Often patients may be in an eminent situation, where a decision must be made during crisis, you may feel that at that time, hospice is no longer an option. However, it is! 


Hospice care can be started the same day as the referral is made. Even if a patient is on service for a short amount of time, even one day, they will be treated for comfort, they will have any necessary medical equipment, medication, and supplies that are needed, including transportation home from the hospital, if needed. 


Even when a patient is only on service for one day, with Doctor’s Hospice, our Bereavement Team will follow the patient’s family through the grieving process for 13 months after, to ensure they are grieving and recovering properly. Many times this is a critical piece for families who have experienced an unexpected death. 


When we admit a patient to hospice, we admit a family, please consider the importance of hospice care for patients and families when faced with an eminent situation.

Frequently Asked Questions
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