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Patient Transportation


Many of our patients often need to get out of the house to run a few errands or just to enjoy a ride in the car or going out. Helping our patients with transportation is a valuable service we are pleased to offer them.

Doctors Hospice of Idaho can provide patient/caregiver transportation for a variety of needs, including medical appointments, attending church services or a special  "Doctors Wish".


Doctors Hospice of Idaho offers the very best service in non-emergency medical transportation. We have an excellent team of drivers, nurses, and patient care managers providing the most distinguished service to our patients. From the hospital to where ever you call home.  


Most discharges from the hospital are delayed due to heavy transportation demands, Doctors Hospice of Idaho is ready to take the patient wherever they'd like to go. 


Doctors Hospice of Idaho Medical Transport enables people discharging from the hospital to reach their destination quickly with the proper support they need. Doctors Hospice of Idaho takes pride in making sure our passengers safely reach where ever they call home. Our compassionate team of professionals is trained to handle stretcher or wheelchair transportation with the utmost care.

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